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Still dont know the answer to this one.
on a 96 sable 3.0l vulcan.
there is a vaccuum line on the fuel pressure regulator.
also a vaccuum line on the egr valve.

what i did was take the vaccuum line from the fuel pressure regulator and put it on the egr valve. and just left the egr valve vaccuum line disconnected/plugged.
what this does is create a very aggressive idle from the exhaust... i have straight pipes.... sounds very much like a built 5.0l v-8.
but the idle of the car remains steady at 600 rpm. (normal). i think this aggressive sound is from the egr valve opening and closing at a different rate creating off set pressure in the exhaust system.
does this hurt the motor in any way....
also, does it hurt gas mileage. because i am leaving the fuel pressure regulator without a vaccuum line.
not only do i get this BIG CAM sound, i also get alot more throttle response and HP that i can feel.

any information would be helpful..

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The fuel regulator cuts back pressure with the vacuum line installed. Otherwise you are running full pressure. The EGR does not have any vacuum going to the valve when at idle. So the different exhaust note you are hearing is the car running on a higher fuel pressure.

Running with out the EGR will not hurt the engine unless you are experiencing pinging. Running higher fuel pressure will cause problems, mainly a rich fuel mixture that the PCM will try harder to control.

In stock form when you go WOT the fuel pressure will rise due to the fact the engine vacuum drops.
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