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Did you know that nuts and bolts have heads that require specific tools to remove/install them. And it is a good idea to use the right tool.

The front caliper bolts use a torx driver so doesn't it make sense to use a torx drive to remove it not a allen or some other odd shaped bit. It also isn't cool to use vise grips because you are too cheap to go buy a $1-5 tool bit.

Some one decided that they didn't need to use the torx bit on my front calipers now the bolt is a total mess. I'm not sure if I will be able to remove it now. Most likely not because the same person that doesn't like to use the right tool doesn't like a torque wrench and thinks everything should be as tight as you can get it without breaking the wrench.

The reason I am complaining is because I have to replace the front caliper because someone decided that brake bleed screws require 10000 ft/lbs of torque and I can't seem to get the screw out no matter what I try. I figured a caliper is $25 no big deal I would rather have a new one and not spend time trying to drill out and tap a new screw only to find that the caliper bolts are destroyed.

If you don't have the right tool then borrow one, rent one, buy one. If not maybe you shouldn't do your own work. Because one day someone else might need to fix the poor workmanship that you did and cause them even more grief because you messed up all the fasteners.

All right end of rant. Sorry but this car is driving me insane so far.

I know that in order to have effective braking in my 97 MVP (mad Vulcan Powah), i need to use an impact gun to put the bleeder screws back in.
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