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I've had Motorcraft Mercon V, Pennzoil Multi Vehicle and Valvoline "for Mercon V applications" in my AX4N.

The Valvoline used to be an approved Mercon V.

Motorcraft Mercon V - felt fine
Pennzoil Multi Vehicle - I didn't like it
Valvoline "for Mercon V applications" - feels better than Motorcraft (it better had since I still have 50+ quarts of it)

It's mostly about having the correct friction modifier in the fluid. Viscosity doesn't matter so much anymore since modern lower viscosity fluids are shear stable so are actually as thick or even thicker as older ones which only start thick but then end up thin.

Many feel that multi vehicle friction modifiers can't satisfy multiple specifications. Only a few people in the industry are qualified to comment on whether that is true. However, my butt dino told me that Pennzoil Multi Vehicle wasn't similar enough.

Lastly, I've seen many many stories of complaints about ATF and while sometimes it's an incompatible fluid, it's never about a different brand of an approved fluid and mostly it's about being under or over filled.
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