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Urgent: Rear Brakes On '97 Taurus Gl

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Ok folks, jsut looking for a little bit of advise. I have changed the rear brkaes on my 97 Taurus GL. They are discs. Now, here is the hard part, bolting the calipers back in. It's hard because the line to the emergency brake is RIGHT there. Can't get the bottom bolt in. IT's driving me mad. The bolt hoels don't line up, if you try to screw the thing in it just pops out of place. So, please, if you've done it and have any tips, please let me know ASAP. My car is on jackstands as we speak.


BTW, who designed the 97 Tauruses? I think I am going to pay them a little visit! ARGH!
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I removed the e-brake cable while I was changing the pads. Use one pair of pliers to squeeze the spring assembly and use another pair of pliers (I used needle nose vice-grips) to grab the knob on the end of the cable and work it free of the spring&bracket assembly. Don't remove the spring. I did that the first time thinking it would be easier. It is not. Due to the angle of the assembly and the shape of the spring it is quite difficult to get that spring back on. I ended up making a special tool to compress the spring while I put it back on.
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