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Hello all.

It looks like the next few projects for my car will be all for comfort options. My first mod in mind was to install EATC, and its still going to happen when i get the time to drive down to Ottawa and get the parts.

Now I have been reading about people upgrading to MACH systems. I had originally thought that these systems had completely different wiring, so I didn't even bother. But now I see that everything is plug and play, with the exception of the different tweeters and grilles.

If i am not mistaken, i will have to buy the Mach RCU, the tweeters and grilles from a 97-up, and the CD changer since I want it. Or even maybe a complete JBL system with the sub, tweeters, and grilles if it would fit. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks

P.S. I drive a 99 Sable LS Vulcan for anyone wanting to know.
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