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ok, i got a 97 GL with the vulcan and today when i started it up it was idling real hard. i mean ROUGH like it was about to stall. my question is, what could be making this happen? it has about 85,000 miles on it.

any ideas are a help.


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start with the Idle air control. Take it off clean it with throttle body cleaner.

should be located right after the throttle body.

I don't have access to a vulcan so i can't help you in the pics department.
the IAC is on the top rear of the UIM, just past the TB. it has a two wire plug, a canister (solenoid), and a aluminum plate that attaches to the UIM with two bolts.
Does it continue to run rough after startup, like while you are driving?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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