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I have a 2000 taurus se with the 3.0 vulcan engine. I was wondering what would be better, a supercharger or a turbo. also what the cost would be for a custom system. Also if porting and polishing my intake manifold, new custom headers, and a custom exhaust sytem would help my preformance, and the price for these things. Thanks for the help!

A lot of people do port & polishes on here and AFAIK they seem to help at least to a noticeable degree, don't know any dyno #'s off hand though. Maybe somebody has some. Custom exhaust would also help - the cost will depend on what you want to do - full cat back vs. simple muffler replacement and whether you would want to go to duals, etc. I replaced my stock muffler with a Flowmaster 40 Series Deltaflow and I could tell a bit of difference for performance - more so in the high end. Plus it sounds really good
(with resonator intact).

The idea of supercharging a vulcan has been thrown around quite a bit - somebody is working on the intake and whatnot for it, not sure on progress or when something would be available though. Last I heard, using an Eaton M90 was planned - people use these on the Ranger Vulcans. I don't really have much of any info. about turbos though.

Hope this helps
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