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Trunk lids that fit 1999

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I was in the salvage yard yesterday because I needed a part, and I came accross a trunk lid that has the rear spoiler. It's even the right color. Our car is a 99, and I don't remember the year of the car the truck lid was on. I know it was older then a 99, but it did look the same. I didn't look it over very well, because that's not what I was there for, and I needed to get back home, so I was focused on my project. I know the reverse lights were gone, but I figure I can use the one's from the trunk lid we have. If it will fit, and I can get it for a good price, I might go get it. What would a trunk lid like that be worth? What years will fit a 99? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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