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Transmission Shifts Hard From 1st To 2nd Gear

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I am driving a '99 Vulcan Taurus with 71k miles. A year ago (10k ago), I noticed a somewhat unusually quick shift from the first to the second gear at low speeds. Gradually it became worse, and now it jerks and shifts really hard. It only happens when I am driving really slow in the first gear without touching the gas pedal or when I'm going down the hill from a stop. Other than this, the tranny works just fine.
The tranny is AX4S, I know it's AXOD's twin, the fluid looks fine and the fluid level is OK too.
Planning to bring the car to a tranny shop for a checkup.
Did anyone have similar problem, and what was the fix?
Any input is helpful.
Will let you know the results after I visit the tranny shop.
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Can you feel the car downshifting when you are coming to a stop? Does your car kinda feel like it is bogged down? like lack of power? If you don't add anything to help it, I'd say you got about 1500miles, thats about how much i had when i started having problems. Fluid went from pink, to dark red within a week. Good luck. If you hear a sound like ropes being pulled accross metal, its toast.

edit:haha spelled shift wrong and it got censored!
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