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Transmission Rebuild

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mine was 1900 and thats everything
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this includes the rebuild itself, the diagnostic, removal and installation.
are they putting in a shift kit and an aux trans cooler?
there putting in a different valve body in the transmission. I had requested that they put a shift kit in it, but he said that this was better, and he highly reccommended it. he said it has the same effect as a shift kit minus the different gaskets. yes there going to install a tranny cooler down the road. this rebuild has me really strapped for cash. i'm looking at one online for around $50. he said that they would install it for free, since i'm already having them do a ton of work on my car.
I have talked to 3 differnt tranny shops in my area (Mid Michigan), and have quotes of $1100 to $1300. All 3 are estableshed shops with good reputaions.
if the gears are toast, it prolly took a bunch of stuff with it.

$2300 is about right.

If it just needs a soft build, $1300 may be closer, but when hard parts are bad, it can easily rack up $100's more.
I would say install another tranny from a lower mileage bull....

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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