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New to the group and have a problem with my transmission.

Car is 1995 Taurus with OD automatic and 3.8 engine

My daughter was driving on the freeway for about two hours when the car stopped going. Engine would rev up but tranny was slipping. She pulled over and a kind man helped her.

He check tranny oil level and put several quarts of fluid in before the level showed up on the dipstick. He told me It was leaking fluid where the pump seal would be. It had a huge puddle under the car when I got there. The car would move but slip real bad.

I got it home on a tow dolly and check the fluid and topped it off. Started the car and looked underneath and not a drop was leaking. ????

It would go in reverse with no slipping. In OD it feels like it is in 3rd gear, in drive feels like 2nd gear and when the gear lever is in L, it is in low gear.

car shifts OK if I manually move the lever thru the gears, but it will not downshift or upshift on its own when in OD.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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