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what i am wondering is if the vulcan 3.0 had the same bell housing bolt pattern thoughout all the years it has been used in the taurus/sable's. and if the SHO uses the same bellhousing bolt pattern. I don't hear to much about the newer Taurus/sable's having the same tranny problems as the older models so wouldn't it be easier to switch out the trans for something that will work better? I am just wondering if they bolt up. I know since the electronics are different it might make it impossible/ or very difficult to do a swap like this. any help would be great. thanks.

Difficult, but not impossible. The main thing would be getting the newer OBD 2 trans to work on the OBD 1 engines. Perhaps the sensors could be swapped out.

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I really question whether the newer trannys are any better. They may be marginally better but probably not by much. The only reason you see fewer failures with the newer trannys is because they have fewer miles on them on average.

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computer issues if you do swap out the transmissions.

some cars used the ax4s, then that was phased out by the
ax4n (n=non synchronized, s=synchronized).

go here, you can find the correct transmission based
on your vin


info on the different transmissions here


I replaced the worn out ax4s 155K in my 99 wagon with a
ramanufactured Ford unit and it works like a new car.
100,000 mile warranty/3 years too, no extra cost,
it also came filled with Mercon fluid.


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