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What exactly are the symptoms of overheating trans fluid?

I did a little tweaking yesterday, adding a few degrees of mid-range timing and WOW!! what at difference, lots more ooomph without even getting into boost. Took a few laps up and down the strip shifting 1-2-3 3-2-1 when appropriate and after a while I wasn't able to shift into 2nd anymore... then when leaving a stop i wound out 1st and went 2 to 3 after that point it wouldn't shift back to 2 or 1.

Now I realize the trans cooler isnt in the best location *behind* the rad and fans, and not too far from the front exhaust down tube, could it simply be heat that's causing this? It did this last weekend too but all was well after a cooldown.

(Shifting accomplished with a 5amp rated 3p4t switch activating the appropriate solenoids at each of the 4 positions.)
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