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This is my first post. Nice to be here.

Here's what happens. Car is fine at first but as things warm up
I come to a stop and it downshifts to 1st with a slight clunk.
As I keep driving the clunk gets more noticeable and varies it's occurrence over time at the stoplight.
Then I keep driving (20 minutes or so) and now there is no downshift at all when I stop, when the light changes I have to rev the engine way up and then it clunks into gear and lurches forward, often with chirping of tires.
By then I'm home and I park it.

The problem first revealed itself in stop and go holiday freeway traffic where temps would have been high.

I've replaced the VSS, no change.

86,000 miles. 3.0 V6. Fluid has been dealer flushed several times in its life.

Fluid is currently full and looks and smells okay.

(Also related/unrelated there is a pink and white single wire off the harness behind the engine that is not connected to anything right now with a melted connector. Where should that go?)

Thanks so much for your help.

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Don't know about the wire, what you are describing about it needing to be revved up from a stop and then slamming into gear sounds like a cracked forward clutch piston.
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