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Hey gang...

...quick question.

Trying to buy a little time, before I do a pan drop/refill (NOT flush) of my 98 Taurus/Vulcan transmission.

Today, I siphoned out about 30 oz of tranny fluid, and put a bottle of Lucas in (24oz). Fluid levels should be pretty much ideal after adding the Lucas.

When I started driving it, the shift from 1st to 2nd, which was slightly mushy, has now become so positive, that it would best be described as "BAM!".

I'm going to infer, that that is because the Lucas hasn't blended with the other fluid, and was concentrated in the pan. I've driven less than 10 miles so far...

Can any other users of Lucas comment on this please?

As you can well imagine, I'm keeping the throttle VERY gentle in 1st gear, in hopes that the shift will soften up a bit after the Lucas has been better circulated.

Anyone else have this experience?





Lo and behold... I forgot to reconnect the MAF sensor... that fixed it...

My bad...


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That lucas crap will clog your filter faster. It's consistency is of syrup. I suggest you replace your fluid with MERCON V ASAP.

I put it in my AX4N and it made it worse. The only additive I've used (that worked) was Seafoam TransFix, and it cleaned up my valves, but I would NEVER run an additive in my transmission under normal use.
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