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Ok, Im still looking to by this 03 SES that is nicely equipped. I have read some nasty thing about the transmissions in the Taurus's. Now, its no secret that the Tranny in my SSEi (4t65-HD) is indersized for the application and gets hot and fails. A tranny cooler almost eliminates any failures down the road on a SSEi tranny that is in good shape.

Is the same the case in the Taurus? I know a cooler will help the longevity of the transmission, but will it almost guarantee the tranny will last, or is it an issue other than heat that kills em.



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You're in luck; really, the "severe" tranny issues that you may hear about with Tauruses are almost a thing of the past; some die, but it seems like most are living for 120k plus miles just fine. A transmission cooler will definently help the longevity, though; most of us on the board who have them are running 20k+ tranny coolers. I'm running a 24k B&M Stacked Plate cooler from summit racing; my tranny still shifts fine, and I'm at 118k and the danged thing didn't get any maintainance untill ~100k (all this on one of the first gen AX4N's!!)

Also, in addition to the largest tranny cooler you can afford (24k is best), scheduled maintainance started on time and kept up with will almost ensure your tranny will last the length of your interest in your car

(Yes, heat is what kills our trannies, btw. They're the right size, but the tranny cooler is a pipe sitting in the radiator, as well as a single pipe that runs in front of the radiator; adaquate, maybe, for driving in areas where the temperature is not high and if the car is not pushed, but keeping the tranny in the optimal temperature range requires the use of an external cooler)
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