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According to my eBay Taurus Service CD:
  1. Place the gearshift lever (7210) in park, apply the parking brake and start the engine. Move the gearshift lever through all ranges allowing the transaxle to engage in each position and return gearshift lever to PARK.
  1. Check the transaxle fluid level. The fluid level at normal operating temperature should read within the crosshatched area of the fluid level indicator (7A020). If the fluid level reads below the crosshatched area of the fluid level indicator, adjust the fluid level by adding fluid in 0.2 liter (1/2 pint) increments until the correct fluid level is obtained
Is that when the engine is running, that one checks the tranmission fluid level with the dipstick? (Transmission is a very old AX4N.)

Please advise. Many thanks!
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