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Mine leaked very, very slowly out of 2 hose couplings...There is a plastic piece (well there is on my '97 Vulcan) that holds the nipple and the coupling together. I guess over time they just break, and for some reason it too never really leaked until the car really warmed up.

I could leave the car on idle and it would not leak, which baffled me because I could see drops of oil in my driveway. Took a while to diagnose, and at one point I lost so much fluid that I thought my trans was going to need replacing (the plastic piece totally worked it's way loose through vibration and started leaking heavily at this point).

A transcooler is a good idea, but I would most certainly figure out why it's leaking before I start adding stuff...because that cooler ain't going to do you no good with no or low fluid. Just my thoughts.
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