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Hello all,

I read the tranny cooler article on this forum and had a few questions on the installation proceedures for an auxilliary cooler for my transmission.

1) I have a 1990 Ford Taurus 3.0 L and wanted to know how difficult the installation is.

2) What additional fittings will I need to install the cooler and can you recommend the site as well as the part # that I'll need to get the job done.

3) I'm still debating whether to hook it up in series or alone by itself, and, if so, do I really need to plug up the openings in the radiator or can I leave them open since I'll have the tranny fluid go through the new cooler.

4) What brand is easiest to install?

5) Do any of the coolers come complete with everything I need, including the right fittings?

Any help is appreciated!!

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Well I can answer some of your questions.

The best type of cooler to get is a stacked plate/fin design cooler. The tube and fin coolers are kinda old school and are not really that effective, as I understand.

A good cooler kit will cost around 50-70 bucks (including shipping). Try checking summit for tranny coolers, I know they have good quality B & M brand coolers on there.

Thats all I know as of right now.

Good luck

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I ran a 94Gl for 246K before the trans crapped out. I knew when I bought this car new that they had tranny problems. The dealer said any mods would void the warranty.

After it was out of warranty I put a cooler on it but I also added a spin on filter in the transmission cooler loop.

They cost less than thirty bucks and use a PH8A filter.

This did two things.

It added fluid volume and exposed surface area which equals cooler temp

I just spun a new filter on everytime I changed motor oil and added a quart of fresh fluid

Some may say it is overkill And adds Delta P but I feel the extra filtration and extended periods of crawling under and dropping the tranny pan was worth the effort.

btw the filter for my new car is sitting in the garage waiting for the next fluid change.

Plus it looks cool

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Leave the OEM coolers in place and add the new one to them. Makes no sense to add a cooler and eliminate the ones you already have.

When you add the cooler use a piece of 3/8 ID copper tubing as the hose splice. Regular hose connectors will reduce the ID down below 3/8" causing a pressure drop.

You will need some extra 3/8" hose but not much. Make sure you have enough so that any bends are smooth and do not restrict the flow. Hydraulic hose is the best.

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I would go with SHO123's idea and use part copper tubing when connecting the cooler. Here's how mine went:


I used an OEM ford cooler, so the mounting would be different (Just follow the mounting instructions that comes with the cooler, or be creative), but splicing into the transmission lines is pretty much the same as all the other cars.
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