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Transmission Blown, New Car?

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Ok, I just found out tonite that my tranny is blown. I don't have the $ to get it fixed, BUT I have a friend who said he'd sell me his 92 Acheiva SC w/the Quad 4 for about $500. I've seen the car and it's in great shape. The price isn't low because it's in bad condition, it's low cause he's a friend. A really kick a** friend.

Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think about the Olds Acheiva's and the Quad 4. From what I gather its a very nice, reliable engine.

I love my Taurus and I don't think I'll sell it. I think I'll save up $ and try to get it fixed eventually, so I need a temp replacement.

So yeah, I would just like opinions on the Acheiva's and such.
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I say go for it no matter what the rep of the car is. It's newer than your car and it's cheaper to buy than to fix. Instead of fixing your old Taurus why not save the money it would take to fix the tranny and buy a newer Taurus (like a 93 or something.) I'm sure it wouldn't be that much more.

The Quad-4 is crap. It was good when it first came out, but over time, it just had problems.

Over the past 12 years, Olds has had to deal with leaking head gaskets and cracked heads, along with a variety of oiling problems and several other glitches ranging from timing chain noise to stripped splines on the water pump drive. There have been a number of changes that were meant to improve performance and durability, too, including the addition of balance shafts to reduce NVH.[/b]
I've heard that the Quad 4 is a very rare engine, and pretty powerful. The Achieva is faster than the Taurus and the interior is nicer. The only thing really making me keep the Taurus is that amount of $ i've already put into my car. Alot of aesthetic stuff, repair costs, ect.

I really like Oldsmobile as well, in my opinion Olds is GM's best company. My mom has a 02 Alero and I LOVE it. I think having this Olds would be a nice opportunity, but I'm not getting rid of my Taurus. If everything goes right, I will be able to take either car to College w/ me. Since the Olds has a 4 cyl it gets better gas mileage, and since gas is insanely priced now the Olds seems like a good idea.

Any more opinions???
The reason why the Olds is nicer is because it's an Oldsmobile. I agree that it is one of GM's better divisions and Olds owners usually compliment on the build quality of the cars. I think Olds is like GM's Mercury.

It seems faster because it's half a ton lighter than the Taurus and the Quad-4 is a DOHC that makes 150 hp and 145 torque (almost the same as the Vulcan). But you still got that chance that motor could go w/o warning.
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