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Hello everyone;

First of all I don't speak english and don't know how to write it that much so while you read this you might find something incorrect so I will try in doing my best as I can so you could understand of what I am saying but I will do my best. Please I really really need someone to help me out here and tell me if you might know which could be the problem with the transmission of my car so I would appreciate if you are willing to help me of what could possibly be going wrong with this transmission before I go to my mechanic which has done everything service in my car. Well I was driving so while I got to a stop sign and when I hit the gas and hit the gas slowly and I think it was in 1st gear going to 2nd so while changing gear it sleeping it revved like 2 seconds and when I pressed down the gas a little bit I noticed it didn't want to move any more so I realized something was wrong with the transmission. Therefore I parked aside the road and I fully stop and put it in P (Parking) so I put OD (Overdrive) and so on so I hit the gas while it was in D and all I saw was the RPM needle going up and revving so I realized something very serious happened to my transmission. Although after seeing this I went to check the Transmission fluid in the dipstick and I see it was really really empty Do you think my transmission was blown away or something? Is it something very serious that happened to it? If it is do I need a new transmission and spend big cash?

What do you think whats wrong in here?

PS: Sorry to make it so long :(

Thank you very much for you help ;)

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