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I have been reading though the threads about fourth generation Taurus' that generate codes P0743, P0750, P0755 and P0760.
I have a 2002 Taurus wagon with a Vulcan V6. I'm getting the codes above plus a P1504. Transaxle light fires off after starting. Check Engine light will also light up on occasion. Sometimes I can clear the Check Engine light and it will stay off for a while.
This car also had a charging problem when all this was happening. Alternator, battery and fusible link were replaced. Those three items didn't really fix the charging problem though. I noticed the ground cable running to the front fender wasn't in the greatest shape so I replaced the ground cable running to the block as well as going to the front fender. After that I got the car to finally start charging. Now I have the remaining 5 codes left to clear.
The car drives and the transmission shifts correctly. I checked the ground cables next to the PCM and for good measure I brushed them off along with the screw and put it all back together.
I feel like this is something really stupid but I don't see anything else sticking out looking around the engine bay.

One other thing that happened is I think the PCV valve might have gone bad. The engine has been pushing oil out between the valve cover gaskets. I went ahead and replaced the PCV and the 90 degree elbow going into the intake(it was in pretty bad shape as well).
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