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Trans Cooler

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Hey everyone - I was looking to get a trans cooler for my 96 GL (gotta help the tranny any way you can). I see so many different types and sizes out there - does anyone know of a good size / brand? I'm looking to get one of the stacked-plate types. Thanks.
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Stacked plate design, with the biggest rating you can find- usually in the 20,000, 24,000 range. B&M, and some others you find the JC Whitney catalog are pretty good from the response I've read.
Anything is better than what you have. Get what you can afford.

Tube/Fin is what I use. The one that runs about 25 bucks or so, thats all you need. After shipping it will be about 32 bucks. Its # 1403, and it mounts perfectly underneath the A/C condenser. Stacked plate is ok, but the pressure drop is less with tube/fin.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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