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Torque Straps

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does anyone have good pics of their torque straps? i want to do it on mine but i dont see any pics to give me an idea of how to do it correctly. thank you. i have a 93 vulcan
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honestly.... i think that torque straps are a waste of time and money! its just going to wreck your engine mounts and probably your subframe mounts(which by the way are not cheap)
ok...fine so than if you think its a good idea go for it but why do you think every automobile company has mounts on there engines and trannys and subframes? to ease the stress factor on your cars major components...for every action there is a reaction. high torque or low torque! it doesnt matter. MOUNTS PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR CARS MAJOR COMPONENTS... PERIOD. im not saying that you shouldnt do it, but whatever flogs your log so be it.
There is no strain except under acceleration[/b]
dually noted...but then again you drive 5 speed and your car was specially designed for performance, right down to the chassis. Meaning your car can take the abuse

a SHO and a base taurus family sedan(L,G,GL,LX) are built differently
anyways it not that im bashing the idea of a torque strap, i mean if it works, then go for it but i mean with all of the ideas floating around in these forums you would think that somebody would come up something a bit more logical than a 5$ chain. why not gas pressured mounts that absorb and adjust to the stress accordingly to the acceleration or the sudden torque that is being produced
a "torque strap" is like replacing your shocks with blocks of wood.
hey everyone take a look at the Repair and Maintaince forum under "torque straps"

and you still dont think that they screw your car up!!!
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1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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