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Similar horsepower.. (both 220) but not in any way similar vehicles, on one hand there's my front wheel drive.. old, lazy, daily driven, SHO. then there's this 302 rear wheel drive.. (owned by a friend of mine).. it has new tires, timing belt, water pump.. and it runs smooth as glass. So anyways, we've been trying to find each other out on the road, so we can race, today it happened.

I see him pull through a green light ahead of me, when I catch up, and get into the lane next to him, we pull to a red light, what could be better? Oh, now there's somone making a left turn in front of us, but wait.. they're going along nicely, maybe they'll get out of our way.. We go for it.. tires screaching.. We catch up to the GT mustang that made the left with no problem.. But it was in his lane and we were side by side.. so there goes that race.. I go around him my friend follows.. then we pass another car and come up to another light side by side. When it turns green we hit it again, I get a better start and about a second of smokin' tires, I have him until 30 then he passes me.. and stayes about a car length ahead of me.. ""NOOO! Shift you damn ATX!!""" My SHO shifts and I start catching up to him.. I fly by him at about 80 then he sits behind me.. somewhere... And now there's a big open space that we slow down in and .. I go home. It's over. But when I get there.. He says that he was going 80 when I passed him.. How fast was I going? ""Ahhh.. that was a 35 zone"""

Fun times.
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