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I heard from my other "site" there is a "TOYS FOR TOTS" show in Atlanta on SAT 8 DEC....
Anyone here heard or going??
Could be our "breakthrough".....

Here is the info:

The entrance fee is an unwrapped toy (or toys)

Date = Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Show Time = 11:00 AM

Location = MILLERS ALE HOUSE, Alpharetta, GA (they want us)

This year in an effort to bring more smiles to the kids we have two different
Main Car Categories Corvettes and Non-Corvettes.
Woosch is inviting members from a Dodge forum he is active on
and Vegeance Racing is inviting their clientele to attend. Oh, and Vengence is going to open their shop for anyone that wants to dyno their car, I believe it will cost you ~$30, which will all be donated to Toys for Tots!!
All this is to generate more toys for the kids.

For Volunteering please send your email to [email protected] (your Full name along with posse screen name)
To register your Baby, please send your information as seen below to:

[email protected]

Full Name - Mark O Holte (your name of course)

Year of Car – 1999 (the year of your car)

Model – Convertible (the model)

Make - Corvette (Dodge, Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am)

Club or Group affiliation – PeachState Posse (your club or group)

Forum name – Rumrunner (your forum name, Corvette Forum, Crossed Flags, Digital Corvette, or any of the others)

Remember to register early, this way we will have you in the database correctly and have your dash display ready in the morning.

Check back later more info to come, not sure what we can come up with, and as those that get involved know anything is possible.

If you have suggestion, send them to [email protected]

......From my buddies, it shouldn't be to late to register, I JUST found out and I HOPE I can even go..... I land back in GA at 10 PM....we will see... I hope some CAN go....
Like I said, sorry so last minute.
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