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To Much?

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I'm considering buying a 1993 Mercury Sable GS, the car is in real nice condition-
125,000 miles, all the options. Has the 3.8 motor that had new head gaskets put in this past fall. The tires are like new, newer brakes and exhaust. The car runs and drives very nice. They are asking $2250.00 or b.o.
I'm also looking at a 93 Taurus, with 164,000 miles (Ouch) Also in real nice condition.
It also has the 3.8 motor that had new head gaskets put in by the recall. Also in the past
2-3 years it has had new brakes, exhaust, radiator, (all the usual matainince things)
They are asking $2000.00
I would like to hear what others think about these cars, if they are asking to much for them and also what I should look out for before as far as trouble spots on these cars.

Thanks in advance! :
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On KBB the Sable retails at about $3300 (dealer retail) and private party sale is $2300. You didn't tell which Taurus model it is, but an LX retails/private party just about the same.

I don't know though, around where I live Taurus/Sable between 90-96 seem to be a dime a dozen. If you REALLY want the Sable, I would see how low they would go. As for the Taurus, well.....the Sable you described seems to be nicer.
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