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i will sell as a whole as well for 600, but

95 wagon under 100,000 original. sat for almost 2 years with out being started (thats my assumtion )but the motor has a bad rod or bad piston slap.
can get pics of anything that is wanted
only bad is: mentioned motor issue, pass rear window motor some times works, low milage cluster has a problem with the speedo (not vss unless cruise WILL work on these cars with a bad vss)

has a great gray interior (sell complete for 150) or part out
wheels and good tires - 150
alt - $40
doors, hatch, hood and fenders $40 each. will make deal if you buy multiples
bumpers $30 each
head lights $20 each
marker lights 5 each
newer struts (complete with springs) $45 each
trans $250
radiator - $60
any other misc parts that you are looking for or want let me know
i live about 35 mins above dayton, ohio and be willing to drive a lil bit to meet on parts depending on price. will probably not sell anything big till after the 27th due to haveing a lot of family over at that time and trying not for it to be an eyesore

again i will get pics as soon as i can

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Are the springs on the rear replaced?
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