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1999 Taurus SE Wagon (dohc, ax4n)
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A while back I created a spreadsheet and I just updated it today to include speedometer changes. There were different sites that have some of the info, different info, but none had how much difference there would be for the rim or tire on the inside or outside of the wheel well, and none had all the info all in one place.

I tried to have it on Google Sheets, but I could not figure out how to allow certain cells to be changed while locking the other cells (like I can with Excel or Open Office). I've got it on a Mega drive, so you can download and use it if you like. Works with Excel, Open Office, or just import it into Google Sheets. If you know how I can lock down parts of it, allowing access of just a range of cells to anyone, let me know.

Check it out. You type in (yellow areas) your original wheel and tire info, and then I've set it up for up to 100 lines where you can add other tire & wheel combos (it's got examples in now; you can just type over them). It will tell you, in inches, the original and differences in:
  • total height of the wheel & tire combo,
  • rim inside the hub
  • tire inside the hub
  • tire outside the hub/fender
  • total circumference
as well as the change in your speedo, positive or negative, at 20, 35, 55, 65, 75, & 90 mph.

Let me know what you think, if I missed anything, or any ideas for improvements.
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