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Time For A Head Gasket

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I've started getting a small amount of oil in my reserve tank, and my exaust is putting out a bit more steam than it should be, so I think I've got a blown head gasket on my 110,000 mile 3.0 Vulcan. How hard is it to change on said motor and how much $$$ are we talking for parts, cause I'm doing it myself. I have a 260 lb. ft. impact and a smaller but much more versital 110 lb. ft. impact, along with a few other tools. Can it be done without removing the motor from the car?!? It looks like it would be a b**** to get to the back head bolts. Someone told me I would need new head bolts because the stockers are torque to yield or something like that. Lemme know guys!
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Do a compression test and cooling system pressure test first. Also, how does the oil look/smell?

If you do need them, it's not hard at all. I did the gaskets on our 97 in under 8 hours. You will need new head bolts, they are torque to yield. I would recommend a Chilton's or other manual for the car, there's a lot of useful info in there. You'll need a torque wrench too, for the head bolts.
I did the head gasket on a 3.0 a few months ago. It wasn't to difficult and a head gasket kit (much cheaper o buy the complete kit than individual parts) cost about $90 at autozone. I did remove the engine hood which made the job much easier. I sent my heads out to a shop for $180 and had them serviced including new seals prior to reinstalling. So far everthing is holding up fine.
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