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All carbon metalic pads to some degree need to heat up before they grab well. I believe the Hawk pads that people talk about here are usually that material. I know they do make ceramics too but you need to be clear on what you are buying.

Hawk has a good reputation and people here seem to be very happy with them.

I have used Performance Friction carbon metalic pads on my 96 and I was disappointed. I used them on my 93 (which was prolific in warping rotors) and I saw a huge improvement and was very pleased. In both cases I use premium rotors.
If you decide to stay with a Ceramic consider Akebono. A friend of mine has had them on his car for a year and he has been very pleased. I should also say he has Brembo rotos too. He drives aggressively.

I have noticed more rotors are dimpled instead of drilled through. An obvious attempt to strengthen the rotor and help with the heat transfer.

From what I have read.......(anyone feel free to correct or add to this)..........Slotted and drilled rotors only add benefit on the race track. Unless you are driving very agressivley you will not see a difference. Except in price.
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