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Thunderbird 4.6 V-8 Throttle Body

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I was at the salvage yard and walked by a 4.6 V-8 T-bird...the throttle body looked identical to the Duratec's however I didnt have time to take it off and go match it up with the Duratec in the yard. Has anyone tried this? Is the T-Bird's TB bigger? I really dont want to make another trip to the place if it isnt bigger... I'm looking to do a Ram air type setup and figured a bigger TB would help....and yes I would most likley get the bigger maf, ect.
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Yeah...I figured it out, its the same throttle body as far as I can see. But thank you all so much for your replies...I'm so gratefull, just like any other time I post .
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I was gonna get a 65m or 70m TB off a satng but the linkage is on the wrong side. I'm sure you made sure this one is on the correct side. The side closest to the radiator and front bumper not the side closest to the firewall.

I've been looking to get a larger TB forever. Please let me know if it works out.
I remember a long time ago when jason king made his intakes people used a tb from a 5.0 stang.
  I remember a long time ago when jason king made his intakes people used a tb from a 5.0 stang.[/b]
that's because the jason king intake was a 5.0 intake he had ported polished and modified to fit. as to the linkage being on the wrong side (pardon ignorance, i've never really looked at a TB real close before) couldn't you just turn it around?
If you turn it around, the linkage wont hook back up the same. SInce it will be upside down. This is what I think will happen. I've never tried yet, but I don't think you can simply trun it around and it will work.

Also the JK intakes were for a Vulcan motor not a Duratec.

I think after Draxas makes the true CAI, they or some one should see about making or fabing up an adapter plate for a larger TB. Some may say it's not worth it but, the TB will be the next bottle neck in the air flow track. Than after that P&P intakes and so on and so on. But for now we should see about getting larger TB for or cars.
are you guys sure that the 5.0 throttle body isn't the same for the 3.8 and not the 3.0?? I always had the impression that the 3.8 was the 5.0 without 2 extra cylinders. correct me if I'm wrong.
I remember Jason King's setup. I wrote him a few times and ended up building my own. I have just put it online in an auction if anyone wants to take a look at it. It's for sale, so if you are interested, just e-mail me....
If you are trying to make your own, it will likely cost much more than what I am selling it for, but I will help anyone if they need it.



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Is there any measurments on the 4.6 throttl body
I have a 4.6 TB off of a Crown Vic. It is 65mm and the bolt pattern is the same as vulcan's with the removable throttle body. but the throttle linkage is on the opposite side as the one on the vulcan.
How about the TB off of a Continental?

its front drive with the 32v intech V-8.
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