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Throwing In The Towel

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Its time to give up on the Taurus. So I've decided to get an Impreza. Maybe a 2.5 RS or a WRX, I have not yet decided. I just can’t get the speed in the bull that I can get with the Impreza. Now that I have my loan app approved it will be a matter of week before I can get into my new five speed turbo equipped car. It was fun while it lasted and I hate to leave ford but until the build better vehicles I will have to choose the more exotic cars. Thanks for all you help over the year and I wish you all the best luck on moding your cars.

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Originally posted by 2FST4U2C+Dec 31 2003, 01:22 AM-->QUOTE (2FST4U2C @ Dec 31 2003, 01:22 AM)
@Dec 31 2003, 12:19 AM
im sorry i just have to bust somebodies chops about the Mach1. there is no way u can get a kit that will trun a stang into a eleanor. and to really but your chops it a 67 mustang gt 500... i.e. shelby gt 500. not a 70. a 70 is the 2nd gen mustang. and ugly as sin. unless you looking at the very first orginal eleanor of the 1970's. which is a 73.

but if there is a kit for a eleanor plz give me the site i would like to see how cheap it really is.

and whats wrong with 3200 a year full coverage. and whats wrong with eropean cars. i pay 3200 for amy S4 and im 19... i turned it into "My Eleanor". Its got everything lux. on it. sunroof heated seats 6 spd which a wrx does not, audi's awd. and at this time a nice 300whp.
he means from the original Toby Halicki classic Gone in 60 Seconds, it was a 70s mach 1 [/b]
first off, the original gone in 60 seconds rules, owns the new one as far as a drivers movie (and while we are talking re-makes, the original italian job was much better also

second, no one makes a kit for elanor (that i know of). most of her body work was done by hand, with wood, not even metal. and there are some parts that not even the production staff can trace.

and lastely (back to on-topic), go for the WRX, and if you can swing it... the STI :drools: . those things are insane, if i had the cash i would snatch one up
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Forget the WRX, go find an old classic and be the envy of all. Sure their WRX or Civivc may have NOS or a Turbo, or some of that crap. What do you have?

A good old Olds 442 or Buick GS. Get a 455 4bbl and have some fun. Plus you have the advantage of your car sounding like a "real" engine as opposed to a lawnmower or crack.
Well I'm back. Here it is my Sonic Yellow 2003 Impreza WRX. It's been a long while in the making but I finally got it about a month ago. Thanks for all of your support and even though most of the new members probably dont know who I am or even care, I saw a lot of the now old members when they were first around and when they were noobs. Now for the bulk of my time I curise www.nasioc.com which I can happily say has the same family feeling the TCCA has. I must say for anyone here that thinks they want a performance sedan get a WRX or WRX STi I cannot strees how amazing these cars are. Its an amazing thing when the Carrera GT 3 gives you a thumbs up or a Ferrari 360 Spyder gives chase through a back canyon. The bull was nice but the scooby is awesome.



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Hey I like your car wanna trade??? Seriously those are canyon carvers. Last year I was trying to keep up with one headed up 36 to Rocky Mountain Park through some serious canyon roads....... it blew my doors off easily.

Good luck with the car :p
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I have to say I dont agree about how everyone wants a Japanese car aside from the Taurus. I know quite a bit of people here who think they are ugly (including me.) SOME are nice though. Like, Nissan, they have some nice looking cars. The new Accord is nice. The new Camry is bleh. And the older Japanese cars have ugly interiors. I dont care how high quality they are or whatever, UGLY.

If I had to pick a brand new car RIGHT now that I could get pretty decently loaded under 25k it would probably be the new 2005 Altima. I used to like them but...eh...they are growing on me. It would be between an Altima and a Taurus probably. But if it was used, it's a whole different story. It wouldn't be an Altima I dont think...I have a whole different list for that. :p
Neato car you got there. My friend has a 01 in blue with a 5 speed. It's pretty fun to drive. We stuck a boost controller on it a few weeks ago and now it really screws. There's a bost limiter in 1st and 2nd gear and maybe 3rd, I dont know, but on the highway in higher gears it runs 17 psi, around town max is 13. It hits a wall on the highway though, I can slowly pass him in my volvo 940 running 9lbs of boost, but around town that thing screws.

Search around and get a real exhaust system, not a fart can one. There's one around town and with a normal looking exhaust, I have no idea what he's got for a muffler, but it sounds sweet, nice and deep, dosen't sound like a 4 banger at all.

Have fun!
sweet! i'm so jealous. i want a yellow STI, but i can only dream. my hubbie will never buy me a sports car or a faster car for that matter. i got too much of a lead foot. have fun with it!!
I love the WRXs, and I almost bought a WRX wagon over the Taurus, but I really needed another car and had to choose...over $20,000 for the WRX or $9000 for the Taurus. Not a hard choice. Besides, I think I would have more fun trying to boost the Bull (if I had the money).

Nice car though. Have fun with it!
I like the new Camry SE with the TRD spoiler kit package and "18" rims . (Manual of course!) The new Maxima and Accord are nice if they are full loaded with a manual transmission. The WRX is a nice performance package, but Subaru lost me when they changed the headlights a few years back. Now they make the car look like :rolleyes2: Still a nice car though. My co-worker just bought a used black one in Birmingham.
Ford does make bad a** stock sports cars. But they sell them to the aussies Ford FPV. I love the GT-P. A fast car is a fast car! But I am an American and I would rather keep my money in America. The American guy working on the warehouse floor making almost nothing with two kids and a wife need my money too. When you start buying import anything over Made in the USA, you take money out of the workers and elimitating their jobs. Now some guy in asia has this American job and now we have contributed to OUR poverty level. Maybe things in the USA seem to not be of the same quilty but that is all directly related to our way of life and how disposable things are to use with our expendable income levels. Well not all of use have them but most of us do. The income level that is. I am not knocking japper, like I said a fast car is a fast car. Hell I don't care if it was from Mexico or produced down the street. It's Fast.

Their site. http://www.fpv.com.au/
The only way I will give up the Ford family of cars is if someone prys them from my cold dead hands. I have already decided on my first brand new car purchase, the car that I drooled over for 20 min at teh NY car show...the Lincoln Zephyr.. :D
Unfortunately, the nicest Ford sedan I have seen as of lately is in Austrailia.(Falcon)
OOOO a WRX...You'll have lots of fun with it, I love those cars....pity they are the most stolen cars in Australia, so I can't get one without expecting insurance to go through the roof.

The most important thing you can do to it now.....is make it faster....
12 second rex putting out 390hp at the wheels....

or 193kw rex

cause remember.....fast is fun

oh yeah the yellow looks awesome.

BTW look here for stuff about the Falcons we Australians get.
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If yer' going w/Subaru, ya' gotta' go ALL OUT & get the WRX-STI!!!!!
It's EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!! When my dies, that's what I'm headin' for!
Originally posted by JJ57@Dec 31 2003, 09:56 AM
A good old Olds 442 or Buick GS. Get a 455 4bbl and have some fun. Plus you have the advantage of your car sounding like a "real" engine as opposed to a lawnmower or crack.
My first car at age 16 was a 1970 GTO, 455 cubic inches, 360 horsepower and an insane 500 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 15 seconds flat at 96.5 mph. God, I miss that car.
360 horsepower and an insane 500 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 15 seconds flat at 96.5 mph
The WRX does 0-60 in 5.9 with a 14.3 1/4 at 93.5mph. With better stopping power, AWD, an IRS, and it's a LEV. Just thought I should say that. Needless to say I'm not a big fan of old cars.

Don't get me wrong I like Ford as well as the other domestics. That’s all my family has ever owned. Utilitarian cars for utilitarian people should be the domestic car motto. Face it America does not make awesome cars. Never have never will. We are hell bent on supporting NASCAR going in circles 500 times. Bigger has always been the domestic buzzword. We are raised on winning the race a 1/4 mile at a time. No fineness no style no grace or agility, just dead straight-line smoking tire burnout drag racing. We don't build any great road going race cars here. Nothing to rival the M cars BMW or the Type R's of Honda. Can we not have a car built by Ford that rivals the Skyline GT-R, Supra, NSX, or the Ferrari 360 Spyder. Can domestics offer up something more awe inspiring then the Viper or the tired old Corvette. The Viper has push rods for god's sake! Forced to get a real performance car we go or up the ladder in European or Japanese performance cars. Until we make a high powered canyon carver I will never buy a domestic ever.

With that out of the way...

A big thanks and :banana: to everyone. I've worked long and hard (and continue to) just to get this car. I've scraped and sacrificed but when I see it in the driveway and the looks is gets from everyone I know that is worth it. To address some of the questions; I'm still on my parents insurance and the bill just came for that and its something I was aware of and can live with($930 for the year if anyone cares to know [19 years old with no points]).

Yes I will start modding it. A good $5K will put me into the 300hp to the wheels range with an awesome suspension and upgraded brakes. Suspension first definitely though. The aftermarket is awesome for this car, though its more limited than many of you think (I know, I know, I shouldn't complain no one makes anything for the Taurus). There are only a few companies that make parts and accessories. Luckily the few companies that do make parts make awesome high quality stuff and really go out to help out the Subaru community.

Thoughts on the STi. First get it right its STi not STI or sti, only STi. :D But really that was a little more out of my range. I could afford it but at that point it would really make a big dent in my life and I would really be trying to support it. $700-$800 a month is a bit much for just a car and insurance. If there was a yellow STi that would have been awesome but as it is they only made this Sonic Yellow in 2003 and they only made 1500 (750 wagons, 750 sedans). Rumors are they may release a STi soon in yellow though. Really to be honest its hard going from a heavy FWD 160 hp Taurus to a Turbo 227hp AWD WRX. Its definitely been a learning experience in controlling the power. Had I just jumped into a 300hp monster I would not know if I would have been able to control it.

I think I’m done…

Thanks all,
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I'd take the 70' GTO over damn near anything out nowadays! I had a 71' Dodge Charger w/the Rally package, hideaway lights, 150mph speedo, etc, & a 440cid engine & big ol' 4 barrell carb! THAT was BAD-a**!!! Screw the emissions!!!!!!
B) :D
You'd be shocked when that F-150 Lightning punts your Subaru aside and flies by you. ;) Don't say that America doesn't build "finesse" vehicles. You ever driven a Lincoln LS before?
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