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Throwing In The Towel

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Its time to give up on the Taurus. So I've decided to get an Impreza. Maybe a 2.5 RS or a WRX, I have not yet decided. I just can’t get the speed in the bull that I can get with the Impreza. Now that I have my loan app approved it will be a matter of week before I can get into my new five speed turbo equipped car. It was fun while it lasted and I hate to leave ford but until the build better vehicles I will have to choose the more exotic cars. Thanks for all you help over the year and I wish you all the best luck on moding your cars.

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Originally posted by BMWevo600@Dec 31 2003, 12:19 AM
im sorry i just have to bust somebodies chops about the Mach1. there is no way u can get a kit that will trun a stang into a eleanor. and to really but your chops it a 67 mustang gt 500... i.e. shelby gt 500. not a 70. a 70 is the 2nd gen mustang. and ugly as sin. unless you looking at the very first orginal eleanor of the 1970's. which is a 73.

but if there is a kit for a eleanor plz give me the site i would like to see how cheap it really is.

and whats wrong with 3200 a year full coverage. and whats wrong with eropean cars. i pay 3200 for amy S4 and im 19... i turned it into "My Eleanor". Its got everything lux. on it. sunroof heated seats 6 spd which a wrx does not, audi's awd. and at this time a nice 300whp.
he means from the original Toby Halicki classic Gone in 60 Seconds, it was a 70s mach 1
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