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Throwing In The Towel

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Its time to give up on the Taurus. So I've decided to get an Impreza. Maybe a 2.5 RS or a WRX, I have not yet decided. I just can’t get the speed in the bull that I can get with the Impreza. Now that I have my loan app approved it will be a matter of week before I can get into my new five speed turbo equipped car. It was fun while it lasted and I hate to leave ford but until the build better vehicles I will have to choose the more exotic cars. Thanks for all you help over the year and I wish you all the best luck on moding your cars.

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Trust me I looked at the Evo VIII but coupling a $700 a month payment with 4x as high insurance is not the car that I want (or can afford).[/b]
Coupled with the fact that you get in a minor fender bender and the damn repairs will cost up to around 2 grand
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