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Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

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Has anybody done a Throttle body coolant bypass on a 3.0L duratech? I know on other cars this can be helpful on air intake temps and help overall performance. Once again if not i'll look into it. I just got a 99 tuarus and i've been reading the forum in and out and havent seen anything on the air temp mod or Throttle body coolant bypass so i figured i'd through it in here and ask if anybody has or has attempted it your advise or experience would be very helpful.
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I didn't know coolant went by the throttle body. And why would the throttle body get hot?
Car company's do it for cold engine starts its pre heats the air before running into the cylinders, this also helps with emissions the faster a car gets warm the quick the catalytic converter gets warm and it works much much better when hot. However, hot air running into your engine is less dense and then provides less combustion. I've done this on a few engine all you need is a male to male brass/steel tubing connector for about $0.50 at any pluming section of a hardware store and disconnect the tubes from the throttle body and connect them back together off the throttle body. Don't do it while your car is HOT!! lol but i haven't even had a chance to really look under the hood of my car yet because I'm working on CAI first. Plus its still cold outside.
they dont run coolant through the throttlebody. The only gen 3 car it was done on is the 3.4l v8 sho

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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