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this a good deal what is the advantage to these vs normal rotors need to know asap

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Performance Brake Rotors & Ceramic Pads Front and Rear - eBay (item 290505412168 end time Dec-27-10 11:28:15 PST)

am looking in to replacing my break rotors and pads to buy from advanced auto wagner gold pads and 2 front rotors and 2 rear rotors it would be 145.00 FREE shipping and i went on ebay and i can buy the breakmotive 2 front 2 rear rotors and pads for 151.99 FREE shipping so what are the advantage of slotted and drilled rotors

this is what i do with my wagon i haul a lot snowmobile trailer / pop up camper / utility trailer
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One of the best features of slotted/drilled rotors is that they channel away the gasses that build up with high-heat on organic pads. You don't get much of that on ceramic pads, though. Somebody can confirm though, I'm sure there's still tons of brake fade on ceramic pads on the track. For heavy-duty street, they'll be good for cooling under heavy breaking. If auto wagner's gold pads are ceramic, then that's fine, if it's anything else, I'd go with the breakmotive stuff. Also, for an extra $1.50 a rotor, why not upgrade to slotted/drilled?
so you have heard of breakmotive
I haven't heard of breakmotive. The SHO ones are better because they're an 11.6" IIRC, versus the G3's stock 10.8". I don't know the exact dimensions, but the G3 SHO & G4 anything have bigger brakes than G3 & prior. There's topics about how to modify your brakes for the 11.6" rotor, but the slotted/drilled kit for your car will do fine. I have monroe ceramic pads and 'premium' solid rotors, and I went from 90 to 20 in what seemed like less than a second when some jackass pulled out in front of me from a dead stop on the freeway.[/QUOTE]

that sucks
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