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this a good deal what is the advantage to these vs normal rotors need to know asap

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Performance Brake Rotors & Ceramic Pads Front and Rear - eBay (item 290505412168 end time Dec-27-10 11:28:15 PST)

am looking in to replacing my break rotors and pads to buy from advanced auto wagner gold pads and 2 front rotors and 2 rear rotors it would be 145.00 FREE shipping and i went on ebay and i can buy the breakmotive 2 front 2 rear rotors and pads for 151.99 FREE shipping so what are the advantage of slotted and drilled rotors

this is what i do with my wagon i haul a lot snowmobile trailer / pop up camper / utility trailer
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if you are goiing to keep your car for a while you should consider the 11.6 upgrade if you want the best bang for your buck. The only additional investment is the caliper bracket and 16" wheels. I am assuming you will do it when your tires are near the end of their life. if not you can sell them as a package and recoupe some of your investment. You can pick up a set of used alloys for about $150 and brackets are about 17 each on rockauto.
The improvement in braking with the 11.6 rotor with a ceramic pad is very remarkable.

From what I have read and learned from speaking to others, I have never been very impressed by the practical benefits of drilled and slotted rotors for street driving. If you want them for looks that something different.

Just an FYI, Here is the latest new gee whizz rotor from Raybestos.

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