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Thinking About Sho Wheels

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Hi peoples. Though I do love my factory 16" wheels that are on my car, they just dont seem the have the "cool value" they once had to me. Soooo...I was thinkin of doing a wheel swap. I thought about 17" svt thunderbird wheels for a lil while, but $1200 is something that i can only dream about. So now I'm thinkin about some G3 SHO wheels in chrome. I think that would look quite nice. Are the G3 98-99 sho wheels wider than 6"? I would like to get a lil wider tire for grip and apeearence purposes. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

*bing!* another thought just occured to me... G2 slicers in chrome?? Or should i stick with the g3 idea??
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Ive got G1 (If i remember right.. haha) SHO slicers on my G3, they are silver. They looked really good sitting on the floor.. I think they'd look excellent once they're on the car!!

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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