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E-mail I sent to the General Manager at McRee Ford in Dickinson, TX...

We ordered a Ford Taurus SEL wagon in Feb. '02 and took delivery in
March'02 from your dealer. Within the past year
we have had some water leaking onto the front passenger floor during
heavy rains. We have had electical problems with the radio,twice, and
the auto climate control, twice. The second of the latter we were
charged the $50 deductable because we were out of the 36,000 mile,
36 month bumper to bumper. We are over in miles, not in months because
the car is used in a long daily commute to work. The car has been well
cared for as the service record file will show. This past Saturday,
August 28, the front passenger side floor was wet again, due to rain,
and now the blower motor does not work.
With a little research I found TSB 03-15-6 provides for a free fix of
the cowl leak problem, which can cause electrical problems, as long as
it is done during the 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty period. This seems
to be a design flaw not a mileage wear issue. So with the above
information provided to you, we are requesting your help in this matter
as we do not think we should have to pay for the TSB fix or the
replacement of the blower motor because we are still within the 36 month
window. We are hoping to have this resolved as soon as possible because
we are without any climate control in our vehicle. Please and advise us
by replying through e-mail or by contacting us at home, ph.281-332-7787.
I will be available to discuss this with you in person anytime during
the day Tuesday, August 31st.

E-maill I got back...

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your vehicle concern. The information that you have provided is accurate, and we understand
your concern completely. We will be happy to extend to you the offer of resolving your concern under our after warranty assistance program
with your responsibility for this repair being $50.00, the amount you would pay on a standard ESP policy. The TSB will include the
installation of a Rain Hat Extension Seal and also will include the removal, inspection, reinstallation or replacement of the blower motor,
blower resistor or cowl panel. If for any reason this procedure does not completely resolve your concerns, we will contact you with additional
needs and your contribution for additional repairs, if necessary will be 20% of the additional cost of repairs under our Ford warranty parts
and labor pricing. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at anytime. In addition, when you bring your
vehicle in for repairs, please print this information and present it to your service advisor.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, the car goes in tomorrow. They have a very good service dept. and free loaner cars.

Thanks to all who contributed in helping me resolve this issue.
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