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People seem to like this one more...

I like to think I create art... All the money I got from selling my old 2010 Orange Camaro SS/RS easily paid for this build :lol2:

This is a 2002 Corvette C5 I bought for $7k, cheaper than most wrecked cars, in Phoenix AZ. Only issue was massive oil and trans leaks. Sadly I removed perfect body work to do my thing:p

Other than what you see I did Heads and Cam, approx 500 crank HP now Full custom stereo dual mode exhaust etc. I painted it factory Laguna Blue Metallic or Blue me Away. Being me I put 4 coats of blue flake on top and wet sanded it to perfection (after these pics). Flake can only be sen in person of course. All work done by me in a 2 car garage ;)

Someone recently asked me to builod them a Vaydor :eek:

Enjoy the pics and I finally got me my Stingray :wub:


41 - 42 of 42 Posts