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Ok, just got to looking about what they said about "Taurus" here we go


A Taurus with 20's on it...now that's gay!!!
Taurus's are possibly THE s***TIEST car ever made...ugly a** four-door for homos(except Matias) who can't afford anything better than a {CHOKE} Ford {CHOKE}.

"Dude!!! Taurus's are so gay!!!"
"Yes they are!!! You've gotta love that s***ty Ford Plastic.™ ® ©
That's right folks...Ford Plastic is a trademark of Ford Motor Companies, Inc.
It is also registered and copyrighted by Ford Motor Companies, Inc

a car which takes mad skills to be able to pimp; more that two people under twenty five in a taurus is often referred to as a Taurus Pimpin Posse. Tauruses are not gay, they are in fact The s***.
:::eek:ften used in phrase Pimpin' tha Taurus. Of course, the Original Taurus Pimpin' Posse is Dookie, Skittle, Oobie and Muhammad

omg Dookie, you got competition. i saw this dude and dude was pimpin the Taurus almost as well as you.

Sign of the bull, characterized by traits of being highly sensual, grounded, perservering

The way she can move her body, she must be a Taurus!

the car everyone wants to drive the cliTaurus.

The True pimp ride!

All G-unit nigga cruise in the Taurus.
The Taurus with 20's on it

The Best Car Ever Made...too bad most of america cannot afford them, because they cost atleast $350. they come stock with 79 horsepower, and with an inline V4. they come stock with RED brakelights, not like all the other s***ty imports. you can also upgrade to sheepskin seatcovers available at PEPBOYS. this has to be the baddest a** car ever. FORD TAURUS CLUB 4 LIFE

not every car is a s nice as the ford taurus

To the moron Johnny Forbidden. first u know s*** about cars. there is no such thing as an inline V4! It's either an inline 4 or a V4(but no cars have 'em today). Secondly they suck! I rode in one the seat belt broke and wouldn't move. AMERICAN CARS ARE s***! I love this land but the cars suck. They are a rip off. If u can get a taurus, just save up for a year and buy the Benz c230 kompressor coupe. It kix its ***** rear!

A piece of s*** car made by a reputable car company... A mistake made by ford.

Synonym: see "tore a**"

gotta love these guys. hahaha

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ahh...yes urbandictionary.com has some of the oddest, definitions and alot of them are wrong. Like there definition for skeet. But theres alot of funny ones like dweeb...
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