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Recently came home to help care for my elderly mother and have been driving her '99 Duratec SE w/ 62,000 on the clock. I had driven it a few times over the years and never thought about it much except that it had good pick-up and was a nice driver.
Now that it looks like I will probably inherit it because she shouldn't be driving, I've taken the time to do a little reseach to see what experiences others have had with these Gen III models, mostly at sites like Epinions and Car Survey.
From "Greatest car ever!" to "I'd rather push a Honda", I have never seen such a wide disparity of opinions from any product, let along a car.
Now obviously, a lot of the negative posts are from losers that just want to jump on the Ford/Taurus bashing bandwagon or the clueless that think they should to be able to just buy a car and drive it without maintaining it and nothing should break.
But even if we throw those out, there seems to be more or less, a three way split on these cars, best ever, P.O.S., or in between.
How can this be?
Monday and Friday built cars with Wensday being a hump day?
I'm a long time mechanic and over the years there has been shop discussions about tolerances.
Say an component has X pieces and each piece has a tolerance of + or- 3. At some point that component is going to be assembled in such a way that is most condusive to effeciency and durability(whether that is X+'s or X-'s is another discussion).
Are the tolerances on the Ford "pieces" of such a large degree that the assembilies can diverge wildly?

Just trying to get my head around this.

At any rate, I'm thinking that this is a great car and I'll keep it, treat it right and not worry about what might break.

Some of the key poinys that have stuck during my reading are;

This car really wants to roll on long hiway downhills and one has to ride the brakes to keep it in check. One reviewer suggested punching off the OD. Good idea or bad idea?
One reviewer felt that tire shop over-tightening the lug nuts contributes more to disc warpage than heat. I'm kinda leery on this one, but a torque wrench does seem like a good idea.
Trans flushes, drop the pan and drain or "power flush"?
It also seem that these trannies are rebuildable by a decent "shade tree" mechanic and often the "hard parts" are not damaged. True? What % of the time?

Thanks from a Taurus newbie.

BTW, she has an identical '99 SE(red, not green)at her other home on the west coast. I might have to make a road trip:)

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Welcome to the club! Of course, no car is or stays in perfect shape. Like you said, they need to be maintained. You've come to the right place. How cars have been kept up and driven over the years makes a difference, as you must know. Some develope little problems, some big problems. We here love them all and strive to better them. I am fairly new an have found a wealth of information and have a lot of fun. Controversies are entertaining too! Glad you're gonna keep the Taurus. You will soon love it like we love ours. BTW, I cruise a wide range of elevations. I sometimes find it easier to maintain mph by dropping to drive. I'm sure if you don't find the info you're looking for, members will be glad to give you their two cents. Happy Motoring!

We like pictures!
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