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Was successful this weekend in replacing the timing chain cover gasket, replacing the water pump gasket (just put in a new water pump but a gasket came with the new set), and the oil pan gasket. Very time consuming but it is done and no longer leaking.

I did learn a trick. You do not have to take the exhaust Y pipe off to change the oil pan gasket. Although it would have been easier if I could have gotten the y pipe off, I found I could drop the oil pan as far as possible, the old rubber gasket pulled right out. I then tok a rag and was able to wipe (with solvet) both surfaces. I am a big guy (6'2" 235lbs) so you do not need small hands to do this.

I was then able to slide the new rubber gasket over the oil pan from underneath. It slid into place and seated perfectly. You can see all the edges of the gasket except for the very rear (away from the timing chain, but could feel with your fingers it was seated.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
94 Taurus GL 3.0
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