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Jag1959, I was looking at the projects forum before I posted this. I'll submit a write up after I finish the engine install.

Lisfin, my wagon has the 3.8 liter engine which I believe was dropped from the options list after the 95 model year. I'm not aware of a cam synchronizer in this engine but I will research it just to make sure I don't miss a very important part. Thanks for the tip.
It has a distributor and single coil. Last of the OBD-I. I had '95 Sable way back for several years. Timing is a real pain but there is a way. Mine had the timing wrong, no sign it had been changed as the factory match mark was intact and in line. It caused low mpg and bit weak to throttle response. I bought it used with 70K and then factory recall and they re-did the head gaskets. I learned to NOT tow in OD in my '92 Sable as it only made about 75 miles with a U-Haul trailer. So when towing with my '95 wagon I used gear #3 as recommended. No issues with that.
My wagon was my first to break front springs. Pic of the spring catcher Ford put on this wagon.


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