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Originally posted by johntaurus@Jan 10 2004, 08:17 PM
Power windows, locks, etc. Said "67494" but I think it was 167K. Car was missing rear bumper, power steering made wierd noises, smoked after it ran (from the engine, valve cover gaskets were virtually gone, oil was leaking down on the exhaust manif), had mis-match tires, and the car would not reach normal opperating temp no matter how long it ran. The heater worked though, so it had coolant in it. I dont get it. I offered them (Hyundai-Suzuki dealer) $500 for it but they said they wanted $995.

It drove ok, made a clicking noise when turning (didnt sound like CVs, more like tie rods very loose). It made me want a Taurus with this engine in this body style but I'm sorry, its not worth $1K for crying out loud. He said they paid $800 for it when it was traded in but even if thats true, they over paid, so why should I? If I were them, I'd cut my losses and get that thing off the back lot. It needs at least $1K to be in good condition, around $500 worth of work just to be decent.

There is a 1993 SHO advertised for $1,000- says it runs great. Now that sounds awsome but you've got to think: Why is it only $1K when every other comperable Taurus is selling for $3500+? Its green with black leather. I've e-mailed the guy a few times but no responce yet.

I'm also checking into two 1991 Honda Accords, a 1992 Ford Aerostar, and a few others. I bid on a 1996 Buick Skylark on Ebay but evedently it sold locally so they canceled my bid. It was in cherry condition with only 65,000 miles.
that sucks dude, you got ripped offf big time. but again, you can sort it out and sell the parts to get the money back or get twice the money back...trust me...PARTS are expensive and eBay is proof of that.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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