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2016 Car of the Quarter Contest RULES
On TCCA we run a quarterly contest, where our active membership gets to choose between 5 active member submitted cars to select that quarters winner and become an automatic entrant into our Car Of The Year contest.

How does the contest work?
At the beginning of March, June, September and December. A thread will be posted for entries. Any active user who wishes to participate will post a reply in that thread with ALL of the following:

-Year, make, and model
-Information about the car, including (but not limited to): backstory, modifications, specifications
-At least FIVE (5) QUALITY photos of the car (including at least one interior photo)

-Specify which picture you wish to be your voting picture

You MUST have good photos and all the required information in order to submit! Remember, this is a quarterly thing now, so we will be very adamant about getting good photos. Clean your car up, take it out to points of interest, and get some good shots. You also are required to have a description of your vehicle. Don't just post pictures. There's a story with every car on this site, from mild to wild. If your submission is incomplete, pending how incomplete, you will be asked to fix it before the end of day or it will be removed.

-THERE ARE NO PLACEHOLDS FOR SUBMISSIONS!! Don't post "spot reserved" with nothing else, as it WILL be deleted. First come with a COMPLETE submission, first served.

-NO ADDING DIGITAL MODIFICATIONS. For example you may not use an application such as photoshop to add a decal or feature to your car that is not there. You are allowed to edit photos to enhance color or lighting of the entire picture. If you are found to have broken this rule (yes we have ways to find out), you will be disqualified from voting and asked not to participate again for 12 months.

-NO MAKING ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS. It's already against the rules to make other account but having your friends, spouse, siblings, coworkers, children or any other person make an additional account for the sole reason of voting for you is NOT acceptable. You will be found out and disqualified promptly.

-NO OFF SITE SOLICITING OF VOTES. This is a TCCA event and while we want to generate excitement for it everywhere, we want the votes to be generated here. Let's keep the friendly in our friendly competition.

Who can enter?
ANY REGISTERED MEMBER can enter their own person vehicle, regardless of post count, or length of membership. If you are a new member, come in and submit! Entering a vehicle that is not your own, including family members' vehicles, is prohibited and will be removed no questions asked! The only vehicles allowed to be entered are as follows:

-Any year Ford Taurus (this includes Taurus X models)
-Any year Mercury Sable
-Any year Ford Freestyle
-2005-2007 Ford Five Hundred
-2005-2007 Mercury Montego

If you participated in the previous quarter, but did not win, you are not eligible to submit in the next quarter. We want to see a variety of cars being submitted, not the same cars over and over again! If you have won COTQ or COTY in the past twelve months, you can not enter. If you won a COTQ and have another Bull you are not eligible to submit the other car. One submission per member, per year if you win any quarter.

How does voting work?
After 5 entries are received, a public voting thread will be posted. All active TCCA members can vote. Current contestants MUST vote for another member's car. You will be disqualified if you vote for your own car.

At the end of the voting, the winner will be announced. In the event of a tie a 2 day runoff poll will be created. Should this fail to result in a winner, there will be an additional 24 hours added to the poll until there is a winner.

Are there prizes?
Yes. The winner will receive:

- A .pdf file of a certificate with their accomplishment(see link below for what the certificate looks like)
-Their car promoted on the websites home page for one month
-An entry in TCCA's Car of The Year contest
-Bragging rights and the undying envy of their peers

2016 Car of the Year Contest will be made up of the winners of each quarter. Voting rules are the same as for COTQ outlined above. Voting will run in the month of December and the winner will be promoted on the main page for the entire month of January, along with a year of Premium Membership to TCCA.

Have fun!


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