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ok so a good while back i bought my 99 sho v8, well the p1477 code showed up and crap hit the fan,
i gave up on fixing it my self and took it to this guy i have known for a good long time now, he has a large shop in conroe tx and dose all kinds of repair work rebuilds and what not.

turns out my tranny is just fine, yes it spits fluid out the dip stick on long trips and get some bad gas milage.
the problem, TPS and IAC sensor. not sure how that works but thats what he tells me,

anybody ever heard of this,

when i park the car and shift into PARK the motor revs up to 2 grand and holds unless i put into gear again or kill the car. the car also stutters when it hist OD and the lock in will nolonger function right, i have replaced the TCC and flushed the tranny 2 times now and still now cluck shavings and verey lilttel metel shavings on the mag.
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