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Taurus Wont Shut Off

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I cannot turn off my 1995 Taurus wagon. The ignition switch feels kind of floppy. I pulled the fuse to get it stopped, but when I reinsert it the ignition circuit become hot again. I can still start the car with the key, but turning the key to off or accessories is ignored.

It is also now possible to shift the transmission with the key in the off position.

I think that the key operates a lever that goes down into a switch further down the steering column, but I can't see how to disassemble any of this. My Haynes manual does not show any of this.

Where can I find a parts diagram for this area?

Any advice appreciated :(
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There is a "module" in the engine-bay fuse panel (module is Ford's word, so I assume it's somehow different than a fuse...) that can malfunction and cause this....I had that problem on the 1998 that I used to have and the put a new "module" in and immediately solved the problem. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be that simple.

P.S. What I'm talking about is one of the larger square-shaped pieces in the fuse panel...about an inch by an inch.....
Just like a Timex, it keeps on ticking. LOL sorry I couldn't resist. :lol2:

Anyways, most likely you need a new ignition switch, since Ford like to deal with larger expensive parts not indiviual parts. You may have to buy a kit or something.
I did some more disassembly to try to come at the problem. After removing all the stuff covering the steering column top and bottom and removing the pivots for the tilt steering wheel I can begin to see the joint where one part of the ignition switch to key linkage should join together with the other. It looks like a pin might be broken or missing. Still hard to see.

In order to get at it I need to pull the steering wheel itself. This appears to require some sort of puller tool to do. I removed the air bag and torq nut, but the steering wheel seems press fitted onto the shaft.

Maybe a standard wheel puller can do the trick--must borrow tools.
I'm bringing this thread back to life as this EXACT problem is happening to me right now. I'm wondering if the "rod" (for lack of a better word) was indeed the problem. Like the OP, the Haynes manual assumes people are idiots and doesn't say anything about the steering column really except how to change the lock cylinder and MFS.
Just like Marlarky, I have a '95 wagon and tonight as I went to start it, I heard a snap. Didn't think anything of it really until I got home and I can't shut the car off unless I pull the coil wire, then disconnect the battery.
It was dark, so I didn't go any farther than removing the knee bolster, and upper and lower shrouds to see what I could see. The rod is moving back and forth with the key, but am not sure what's going on down south. I suspect the same issue.
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