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Taurus W/racing Buckets

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not as bad as I would have thought
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If the color of those buckets matched anything in the interior they might look better. But hey, I have blue and black AXE II racing buckets in my "metallic royal" blue 97 with the grey interior. Most of the dash is blue and white and some of the door molding is blue also, it looks okay for now, but I just want to get that dash out and do a nice little coat of blue anodized paint with some white trim. I'm actually thinkin about just gettin some of that overlay film instead of worryin about dry time for the paint though. How much did you pay for those? I gave $202 for mine shipped!
Those are pretty decent actually - it would look better in a black interior, but the color is subdued enough that people won't spot it from a block away just by looking into your window. The material seems to be good too - not the cheap thin pseudo-suede that some seats are covered with.

Personally though, I would ditch the "tenzo R" seatbelt pads. If was going to be putting some sort of pads on a harness, it would have "ford" or something other than a company that has a reputation similar to APC.
Id say they look ok, but would agree with 93taurusSX... if it was a black, or dark gray interior.. it'd look a lot better
I think he can get away with those seats because he has carbon fiber strewn about the interior, which kinda goes with the center section of the seats. He has the tenzoR harnesses because the seats are tenzoR as well.
How much weight did you lose with those seats? Or if you know how much the originals weigh versus the new ones. Do the new ones adjust as much as the old? Or are they in a fixed position?
I like them. how did you hook up the harnesses?

oh btw heres a pic of my racing seats, its not the best pic, but it'll give ya a clue.

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I think the 5 point harness is a bit much, but other than that they're cool.
It's not my car, so I couldn't tel you what happened to the old seats

Overkill. If it was a porsche or vette, maybe the 5-point.

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Ahhh even better safety now that you have the 5-point in there....
They look nice; really comfortable, I bet.

That 5 point harness, though...I'd be little uneasy having my manhood so close to a seatbelt. Are yall sure it's not just a 4 point? It would probably look stupider if he didn't have the harness but he had the chairs...
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